what a London escorts should do : when a client fails to show up


This is one unique case for in call escorts. A client books an appointment and fails to show up. Escorts get stood up but those who act on earlier cases get stood up less often. How an elite escort deals with such cases matters a lot. London escorts that do not take action are prone to more cases of similar nature.

When a client fails to honour the appointment, an escort`s financial status can get affected. She may go to the extent of spending her savings and this damages her self-esteem too. If new in the industry, she might even consider to quitting the service citing such frustrations. The most important thing is that paddington escorts of London should learn from their mistakes. This helps them formulate methods such as those listed below. This methods help deal decisively with defaulters.

Not every escort’s client shows up.

This a fact that paddington escort should have in mind. Men are forgetful and that’s a fact too. Several men in London tend to forget appointments and dates. Some men will simply not show up due to emergencies. Such emergencies include family issues, work related issues or anything else that demands immediate attention. Such customers are always in good books with hot Paddington escorts and their reasons are valid  On the other hand, some clients fail to honour meetings for no dear reason. Ask your fellow escorts in London paddington about their meeting with such men. Most of them are in the habit and are known not to show up most of the times.

Make it a need that defaulters leave some deposit.

Once you have noted that a certain client doesn’t show up for meetings, ask for a deposit every time he makes a booking. You can create a list of defaulters by simply keeping track of your client’s responsiveness. Those who have failed to honour bookings should top your list in order of intensity. You can even ask for slightly higher amounts of deposit from those who top the list. This insures you from any possible loss and discourages the habit of not showing up on the client`s side. As with escort agency London you can further ask payment via online means and ask that it’s done beforehand . Where a client invest the amount, he will find it hard to dishonour bookings.

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Demand payment from defaulters when they show up next.

Men have a forgetting tendency, this is as indicated above. A man, may therefore forget that he stood you up sometimes back and show up for an appointment. As soon as he comes, demand that he clears his outstanding balance first. He will probably be horny and have no time for arguments. This way you will get compensated and teach the man a lesson in the process. To keep up good connections, nurture the habit of listening to your clients. Before you slump fines, listen to the reasons given and decide if they are genuine or not. You can also use the list created to decide the likelihood that a client`s reason is valid. If you find it valid, there’s no need to ask for payment, that way you will have earned yourself some trust.

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Some clients are time wasters beware!

A time-wasting client gets noted as early as when he makes an inquiry. Some London escort agencies decide if a client is wasting time by gauging the kind of questions he asks. Whether on phone or over mail, time wasters ask many irrelevant questions. Some elite escorts agencies will tell their escort girls of such people as a result should avoid them. Clients who fail to show up on time get ranked in this category too. Most London escort services have busy schedules and late coming warrants fines too!